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06 Feb 2012

Four Ways to Grow Your Business

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Kevin A. Cameron, CPA, has a clever message on his business card which is sure to start a conversation with prospective clients. His card has the usual information, but then are the words that grab you: “There are only 4 ways to grow your business. Let us share them with you.” How can any business owner resist asking for the secret recipe? Yes, I asked. The answer is as basic as it is true. And it applies no matter what business you are in.

Here are the only 4 ways to grow your business:

1. Increase the number of customers fitting the “type” you want to have

2. Increase the transaction frequency

3. Increase the average value of each sale

4. Increase the effectiveness of each business system

There it is. Now you know. Each year, month, week or even day ask yourself whether you are doing what it takes to grow your business.

Do you have a 5th way to grow a business? Do tell! Leave your comments below. I’ll be sure to pass them along to Kevin, or you can reach him at 813-286-7373, or by visiting

By Sheryl Hunter Esquire

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