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Are Business Cards a Thing of the Past?

Are Business Cards a Thing of the Past? I love to highlight smart businesses within our community, especially when the business is offering something as user friendly and desirable as Savvycard. I am using it and loving it and invite you to check it out. Free and premium versions are available. An e-business card and.. read more →

Corporate Leadership Collaboration – Profiling Vistage Florida

By Alissa Simon, Summer Associate for Hunter Business Law and J.D. Candidate May 2015 Yesterday Sheryl Hunter and I met with Cindy L. Hesterman, Chair of three Vistage groups in the greater Tampa Bay area. If you are a business owner or executive, this organization may be the ideal collaborative training and growth program for.. read more →

Is it Time to Review and Update your Will?

October 15-22, 2012, is National Estate Planning Awareness Week and an ideal time to review your Last Will and Testament along with your Revocable Living Trust, if you have a trust. Out-of-date estate planning documents can create confusion and conflict among your family and heirs. Not sure if your estate planning documents are out-of-date? While.. read more →

Reducing Your Taxable Estate Before the Exemption Ball Drops on New Year’s Eve 2012

Before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve 2012, up to $5.12 million of your estate is exempt from federal estate taxes.  At 12:01 a.m. 2013, that number drops to $1 million, catching 16 times the number of people in the federal estate tax net than one minute before.  That is, unless Congress acts.  Experts.. read more →

Selecting Guardians for your Children

When considering naming guardians for your children, you should be aware that there are two primary responsibilities, which can be assigned to the same person or couple, or can be assigned to different people. There are (1) guardians of the estate; and (2) guardians of the person. The guardian of the estate manages the money or assets held by.. read more →

Selecting a Personal Representative

The personal representative (aka executor) is the person you name in your Will to handle your estate upon your death. Selecting the personal representative of your estate is an important decision. The person must be over 18 years of age and reside in your state, unless they are related to you or your spouse (the statute is very.. read more →