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Self-Awareness in Entrepreneurship

One of the keys of running a successful company is knowing your employees. By the same logic, entrepreneurs and start-up owners who work for themselves will benefit from getting to know themselves a little bit better. The Entrepreneur seeking self-awareness has a few options. The Myers-Briggs Test:  This is a test that finds one’s psychological.. read more →

Medical Marijuana in the Work Place

By Adam Hersh, Esquire In the upcoming weeks, it is largely anticipated that Florida will legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. With the legalization of marijuana comes a variety of challenges and legal issues. Employers should begin now to re-evaluate their drug policies in conjunction with medical marijuana. What is the effect of legalizing marijuana in.. read more → Brings Value to Your New Business

One of my favorite internet websites is While its focus is on technology start-ups, the content is of value to every kind of start-up. Go there for advice, solace from other start-up founders, and for pure educational entertainment. And here’s a list of top start-up blogs on the web: read more →